Norway’s safety history is written every day

The industry is changing and being challenged. Pressures are growing. The past two years have been characterised by serious incidents and safety challenges. This trend will be reversed in 2017 – with us as the driving force and industry as the implementer.

Norway has 50 years of oil history behind it. But what will the next chapter of its safety saga look like? Did developments take a wrong turn? Or was the country able to reverse the worrying trend of the past two years? Read more

1966: Ocean Traveler spudded the very first exploration well on the NCS. The rest is oil history.


Partnership between companies, unions and the government is a cornerstone of Norway’s petroleum sector, not least with regard to health, safety and the environment. But its quality depends on mutual trust.
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The pressure on the industry means that companies are seeking new solutions. This can mean simplification and reduced costs, but may also contribute to greater uncertainty and reduced robustness.
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The petroleum industry in Norway is at the forefront in terms of standardisation and the use of standards.The standards constitute the foundation of norms on which the functional regulations are built.
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