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Having all sides of the industry work together is crucial for safety. In companies with a good climate of cooperation, where genuine worker participation functions, such collaboration makes a positive contribution to HSE work.
Employees help to ensure that management has a good basis for taking difficult decisions and that, once these have been taken, they will be better entrenched with the workforce.
At the PSA, we now see increased pressure on collaboration between the parties and regard this as a matter of concern. The question is how the parties can ensure that their partnership persists during the difficult times for the industry.

How we follow up
We will help to strengthen understanding in the industry that employee participation is an important precondition for coherent work on HSE risk.
Areas we will be following up through audits and other supervisory activities include:
  • capacity and expertise in the safety delegate service – organisation, understanding of roles, resources/time, input on issues and involvement in important decision processes
  • use of the working environment committee (AMU) in companies and relations between the safety service and the committee
  • cross-player collaboration, particularly at the interface between operator and contractor
  • Whistleblowing

Challenges for the safety delegate service
We have been aware for some time that the role of the safety delegate service is under challenge.
In a number of places, safety delegates are not involved early enough in decision processes and are not given sufficient time to pursue necessary safety work.
A number of delegates also report that they struggle to secure sufficient training, and do not feel competent to do the job they are charged with carrying out.

A number of whistleblower reports we have received recently indicate an unfortunate trend in collaboration between the parties.
Each report of this kind is followed up. We also follow up the actual whistleblowing system in cooperation with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.
In addition, a seminar dedicated to whistleblowing is planned by us and the labour inspection authority on 31 May 2017. More information and the programme will be provided later.
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2016: Norway's oil history continued as the first production well was spudded on the Johan Sverdrup field. Photo: Arne Reidar Mortensen/Statoil
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