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The very first well on the NCS was spudded in the summer of 1966. That was a milestone in Norwegian oil history – and the start of a 50-year tale of upswings and downturns, celebration and catastrophe, and tough times and bold decisions.
Safety runs like a red thread through all these years. Constant progress has been made since 1966, and Norway has undoubtedly achieved a high safety and working environment performance in petroleum operations.
This success has rested on responsibility, learning, regulatory development, and drawing the lessons from serious incidents. This formula also embraces the common ambition of all sides in the industry to achieve continuous improvement.
Five decades after the Norwegian oil adventure began, the petroleum sector faces important safety challenges. Trends are moving in the wrong direction in a number of areas.
To get safety developments back on the right track, we have identified a main issue for 2017 – reversing the trend.
The goals of this commitment are to influence the industry and to achieve visible and measurable results.
Quite simply – the trend will be reversed.
1960S - 70s: Foreign expertise dominated Norway's offshore operations to begin with. The industry eventually became Norwegianised, and the "cowboy culture" disappeared. Photo: NTB Scanpix
Norway’s safety history is written every day
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